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Aromatherapy: Does the Smell of Cannabis Terpenes Help Us Heal?

The most common ways to enjoy the recreational and medicinal benefits of cannabis are smoking, vaping, or eating edibles. But you can also receive a wealth of healthful benefits by simply smelling the plant’s aromatic terpenes. Those familiar with aromatherapy already understand this concept. The ancient practice of inhaling essential oil scents, which are made from potent terpenes, has been healing humans for thousands of years - for a reason. Read on...

Weekend How To: Add More Space To Your Home

You used words like "cute" and "cozy" to describe your new home to family and friends before you moved in. Then, box by box, you unpacked your whole life and the reality of the charming real estate set in—small spaces can be a big challenge to decorate. There’s so little room for error. Everything counts so not everything fits. And cluttered is far from cozy. But with a little ingenuity and some clever decorating tricks, you can create a surprisingly spacious place and live a little larger. Really. Here are some great big ideas to help get you started...
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